About Us

We love sneakers and we believe we can serve our enthusiastic customers with the best deals from our wholesalers contacts. 

We do continuously 

While our supply ship flies around the galaxy getting the latest and greatest inspo from the outer edges of space - our onboard team continuously curate check our sneakers and try them before displaying them on our store so that we can bring you sick sneakers.

Why do we do it? Space fuel ain't cheap ya know, and we gotta fight a lot of space nasties every time we head back out. We want your style to be accessible to you. Whatever and wherever it is. Radical acceptance of the self, your desires, and all your SneakerFab.

All expressions are valid. You belong, even if the mainstream society says "nah" to your style. F*ck being basic.

Earth doesn't have to be your homeworld. 


PS. No animals or any other beings were harmed in the manufacturing of the items in our store. We are a vegan conscious company.